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What is the Process of Building a Traditional Stick Built Home?

Big Twig Homes offers much more than cedar log homes, and if you feel that cedar is not right for you, then you may want to consider our traditional stick built homes. These homes are definitely appealing in many ways because they offer a conventional and traditional look that appeals to many people. Are you considering a traditional stick built home? Here is the process that you will need to expect in order to have one built.

Choosing a Design

To begin with, we will work with you to choose the right home design. We can provide you with created designs from which you can pick or we can help you modify designs to meet your own home needs. Be sure to discuss with us your lifestyle, the type of home you want built and all the things that will matter to you in a home.

Finalizing the Design

If you made any modifications to the designs for stick built homes that we offer, we will go over the plans with you before finalizing. This way, you will be able to see every detail of your new home before it is built and you can approve the plans before we get started.

Getting the Site Started

Once you have chosen a home plan and we have gone over all of the details with you, we will need to discuss the home site as well. Big Twig Homes will help to evaluate the home site and determine the best positioning of your traditional stick built home. Once this is done, we will get started building your home. First, the foundation will be laid and the frame of the home will be erected.

After we have completed these parts of your traditional stick built home, we will move on to the details, that will include finishing exteriors and interiors, placing the roof, installing windows and doors, and much more. Everything to do with your home will be completed when you move in.

For some people, a traditional stick built home is just perfect. This is why we at Big Twig Homes, are glad to provide you with the option. The process of building these homes is quite straightforward and easy to follow. If you have decided that a traditional stick built home is right for you, then we will be glad to discuss the project in more detail. Contact us today so that we can get started!